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Terms & Conditions

Term and condition


The General Terms and Conditions arrangement as settled on and in this manner outfitted by the site now and again covers every one of the exchanges of any sort or any deal and acquisition of the clothing paying little mind to the volume and amount of offer, techniques for installment included or the way in which the request has been set by the methods for any conceivable gadget running from a cell phone, tablet to a PC which can get somebody associated with the site. It additionally applies to the request put through a verbal implication/affirmation via telephone too.


Every one of the clients is therefore advised to peruse the Terms and Conditions cautiously before they continue to the following phase of the technique adhering to the arrangement of directions as given by the site authority progressively at the appointed time. Getting to the subsequent stage of the method to put in a request on the site may be seen as acquiring agree to the acknowledgment of the Terms and Conditions by the clients.


A demonstration of consenting to the acknowledgment of the Terms and Conditions will be appropriately built as an ability of the client to genuinely concur with the arrangement proclamation unequivocally outfitted in the site.


The site authority claims all authority to modify the Terms and Conditions now and again as per changes presented in the standard arrangement system advancing the best of the practices followed in the business, a lot to the advantage and comfort of the client. Any change will happen from the time it will be unequivocally posted in the site. The authority doesn't stand at risk to any kind of clarification to anybody in case of any abrupt changes brought into the training any time of time as the legitimate attentiveness to practice the privilege to revise or realign the arrangement rules exclusively lie with the authority of the site. Give us a chance to talk about a portion of our rules in a nutshell:


It is the sole caution of the client to pick the class of the attire alongside their shading, size, and texture as are accessible in the wide pool of choices being put on the showcase in the site to the best of their own getting, conviction, and observation. In no reason for time, the site could be considered responsible to impact the choice of the client by showing misrepresented delineation and visual of the equivalent in this way the site in any conditions can't ever be focused with charges of enticing somebody into purchasing a specific item highlighted on the site.


The client should consent to decisions of the method of installments accessible with a specific item as appeared or delineated in the site. The site authority maintains whatever authority is needed to realize an adjustment in the installment alternatives as regarded to be important and consequently advised by the authority now and again. The choice of the site expert with regards to a method of installment will be conclusive and it can't ever be addressed or questioned under any conditions.


Site authority can utilize Brands and Fabric of the clothing, Volume of the exchange, Time of the year, Frequency of the request set in a specific classification in the site, Area of conveyance or even separation to be secured to convey an item as determinants to settle on the method of installment to be made accessible with a specific item.


While benefiting any of the installment technique/s accessible on the Website, the Website won't be mindful or accept any risk, at all in regard of any misfortune or harm emerging legitimately or by implication to the client because of the accompanying reasons:


1. Absence of approval for any exchange/s, or Exceeding as far as possible commonly concurred by and between the User and pertinent banks of the User, or


2. Any installment issues emerging out of the exchange, or


3. The wrongness of the installment strategies (credit/charge card fakes and so forth.) being utilized by a User;

4. The decrease of exchange for some other reason(s)


5. Surpassing as far as possible as commonly settled upon between the banks and the individual client

Under typical conditions, it may take 3-6 days from the hour of the request being gotten officially pursued by receipt being raised. In spite of the fact that the genuine time of conveyance is being controlled by the righteousness of a few factors, for example, the accessibility of the item in the stock, separation to be secured to finish the conveyance, viability of strategic system around the spot of conveyance.

Conveyance course of events responsibility as articulated and appeared on the site during the hour of the request having been affirmed may get stretched out or delayed somewhat on account of any unavoidable conditions which lie outside the domain of control of the site. In this manner, the site doesn't accept any accountability for such a postponement brought about by a factor the site doesn't have any authority over.


Outfitting unseemly data about the client or making a bogus record with deluding subtleties paying little heed to the aim of the client or the idea of the conditions affected by which the control has been submitted will be comprised as a demonstration of rupture of trust which stands infringing upon the Terms and Conditions and will subsequently bring about dropping of the request.

No two advancements can be joined together.

Any item acquired during unique advancements can't be returned or supplanted.

Educational Accuracy


In an offer to defend the enthusiasm of the clients, we as well as could be expected and endeavors consistently attempt to give bona fide and exact data about the item on the site. We continue refreshing the site every once in a while with a goal to give the most important and current data about the attire which is being included or put on a showcase on the site. We never create or misrepresent item data about their shading, value, texture, material or size, neither do we superimpose the item visuals so as to bait our clients into purchasing a specific item from our site. Hence we never accept any accountability if any data on the site is seen as not refreshed or completely right in examination with the real physical item. Any misappropriation of data is totally inadvertent and henceforth ought not to be considered as a devised demonstration to incite, impact or tempt purchasers with an aim to intercede in their purchasing choice.

Note: We alert every one of our clients against the potential probability of the shade of the garments changing from the genuine item they experienced within the site because of the screen arrangement of various gadgets through which the site is gotten to.

Trademark and Copyright


All material on Platform of Lionary counting pictures, delineations, sound clasps, and video cuts, are secured by copyrights, trademarks, and other protected innovation rights. Materials are exclusively with the end goal of your own, non-business use. You should not repeat, recreate or reframe such material in any capacity straightforwardly or in a roundabout way and you should not go with, energize or help some other individual to do as such. Any infringement of the Trademark and Copyright rights is to be managed equipped legitimate cures inside the ambit of the tradition that must be adhered to in consistence with standard lawful arrangement endorsed in Commercial and Corporate law.


Client Account, Password and Security


You will be exclusively answerable for the secrecy of your client record and you will be liable for all exercises that happen inside your record. You should concur that in the event that you give any data that is mistaken or fragmented, we will claim all authority to uncertainly suspend or hinder your record. If there should arise an occurrence of any questionable/untoward movement being seen in or from your record, we can promptly declare it spam along these lines disavowing it from our foundation without taking this issue to your discernment or requesting your assent for the same.  You are required to be monstrously cautious while getting to your record. You are thusly advised against sharing your records subtleties with anybody or letting any other person get to your record for your sake. Promptly inform Lionary of any unapproved use/break of your secret phrase or account and guarantee that you exit from your record toward the finish of every session.


You recognize and attempt that you are assessing the administrations on the Platform and executing at your very own hazard and are utilizing your best and reasonable judgment while going into an understanding of installment with Lionary . We will not be obligated to or answerable for any online cheats or any spontaneous exchange of any sum from your record making money related misfortune any extent. We along these lines explicitly renounce any duty and obligation in case of any corrupt or questionable exercises including your own information being taken or cash being unceremoniously deducted or disappeared. We will not intervene or resolve any contest or contradiction among you and your installment accomplice that may incorporate any approved bank, E-wallet, installment application, or the concerned authority depended on the issuance of your charge and Visas.

Lawful Jurisdiction


Lionary makes no cases or communicates no portrayal anytime of time that materials in the Platform are proper to be utilized in different areas/nations other than India. Viditva Fashion and Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.does not stand answerable for the discount/fiscal exchanges in lieu of the items requested from nations outside of India that doesn't come surprisingly close to nearby laws or to the degree of materializes of neighborhood laws.

These terms will be represented by and developed as per the laws of India with reference to the selective purview of courts and councils inside the lawful ward of Gujrat.